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Backwards Hat

Sarah Palin is horrifying.  Absolutely horrifying.  Shrill, mean, and terrible.


Tru dat, yo.
glad I'm not the only one who sees through the ex-beauty queen facade.


I love watching the Republicans trying to spin her.

"Sarah Palin has executive experience. EXECUTIVE EXPERIENCE! She's like the CEO of a company! Barack Obama has never been the CEO of a company!Joe Biden has no executive experience! John McCain doesn't even have any executive experience! Sarah Palin is GOD!!!" *blows gasket*


"When Sarah Palin said she's proud of her daughter's 'decision' to have a baby, she's not reflecting the pro-choice agenda. What Sarah Palin means is that she is proud that she didn't have to -force- her daughter to have the baby."

But really, I don't hate her. There's something wonderfully camp and trashy about her her schtick that I find strangely appealing.


of course as the evil right-winger in the crowd i have to say this must mean we chose wisely :-)

isn't that what politics is all about...why our guys are better than yours or why your guys suck while ours walk on water?

nobody's perfect. i just hope that whatever happens in november that everyone can move forward and remember we are all human beings first, americans second, and any other label we choose after that next.

you know i love you carter <3 <3
D, that's the most sensible reply I've ever read. You are a true throwback to that time in which we all got along in spite of politics, and you can't believe the admiration I have for you in that regard. I wish that I could somehow emulate that.


your acceptance of all my comments and views and of me in general proves that you DO emulate that! i learned it from somewhere....you have enlightened me!


At this point, there are only four kinds of people left in America who will proudly proclaim themselves republicans:

1- Sociopaths
2- The Willfully Ignorant
3- People who think they're being 'ironic' or 'confrontational'
4- Zionists

I can respect the Zionists for their beliefs even if I think they're totally misguided. The rest of them I can only feel sorry for and quietly wish they get cancer.
I disagree. Though I feel that the Republican party has gone too far right (my view of what Republicanism should be is more Libertarian than Republican), there are some people who genuinely and strongly believe in the Republican platform as it exists as a matter of conscience. That's fine.

The right to life isn't a bad one, for example - though it's not my belief, I can see how somebody can embrace it. That just means that we should talk sports instead.

The Democrats need to learn to tell dirty jokes, and tell them well. That brings the two parties together, always.


The important word in my previous post is "proud". If you are an "embarrassed" or a "debased" republican, or a "cautiously optimistic" republican, then you might be okay.

However, if you are a "proud" republican, after 20 years of the GOP blatantly exploiting the good will of the American people, then you are either: a sociopath, willfully ignorant, trying to be different, or a zionist. Period. I've tested this theory again and again. It's bulletproof.

People who are willing to overlook all the other examples of the Republican party's destructive and borderline illegal policies simply because they want to "take away a woman's right to chose" fall into the "willfully ignorant" category. This is illustrated by the fact that the GOP doesn't really give a damn about abortion rights. They are just manipulating the desires of the pro-life movement. It's a political tool. Roe v. Wade will never be repealed by either party.


careful now...there are so many parallels i can make to democrats by simply changing words and/or stances. but i won't. :-)
how do you cicumsize a georgia fan?
kick his sister in the jaw!
sports and a dirty joke all rolled into one. now can't we all just get along? i am being bashed by a friend on facebook. i just don't think i can handle being a sociopath here. it could make me snap and start laying hands on people, dance with snakes and speak in tongues to exorcise the spirit of liberalism. hallelujah....pass the aspirin
Wow! I've never had such back-and-forth on my blog before! And in full sentences!! How exciting! Though maybe it's just a matter of time until the flame wars start and "blatant disregard for human rights" becomes "YOUR A FAGGET...".

I love the joke, by the way, D. It's going to be recycled at work today.


Let's keep this excitement up!

Here's my question for the other anonymous poster, the republican who we've come to know here as "D":

What makes you a Republican? Why do you choose to affiliate yourself with that party? Why are you a "conservative"? I genuinely want to know what motivates you. You seem like a reasonably intelligent person. You are at the very least a literate person. So, why Republican?

I occasionally meet the rare intelligent and dogmatic Republican, and he's almost always an Economist or Business Student. These rare examples are people who's whole-heartedly bought into their ECON 101 Professor's vision of a perfect world run by the perfect economic model. They genuinely believe the free market will fix all of society's ills. But none of them have ever been poor, so they have no idea what it feels like to not know where, or when, your next paycheck will arrive.

More importantly, these fiscal conservatives fail to understand the importance of government oversight. They are selfish to a fault. They think the government is an impediment to their own personal satisfaction and have no regard for the satisfaction of others. They seem completely ignorant of the important role government has played in making our societies more livable. They ignore the fact that, without good government, most of our fore-bearers would have succumbed to the Cholera epidemics of the 19th century. They fail to see how distribution of wealth has created more livable environments. They fail to understand that sometimes the most desirable option is not always the best for society at large, and that markets must inevitably succumb to social pressures.

In a perfect world, the free market system would work, because business leaders would understand that sustainable markets are essential to long term business growth. The current business climate, however, has not embraced sustainability because the leaders of the business world have become short-sighted pirates, plundering resources for their maximum value and then abandoning the sinking ship. CEOs are no longer held accountable. Executives are no longer held accountable. Politicians are no longer held accountable.

Republicans have created this atmosphere of greed. Their policies have fostered it, encouraged it, rewarded it. Worst of all, the Republicans have refused to admit their complicity. When Katrina wiped out New Orleans, and the Republican-appointed head of FEMA did nothing because his only leadership experience came from marching show horses, the republicans didn't admit their fault. Instead, they pointed to it as yet another reason we shouldn't allow government to service our needs. They wanted you to believe that privatization was the only way to deal with Hurricane Katrina, as if it was our fault for not hiring our own personal staff of security guards instead of relying on the efficiency of the Police. "Hurricane Katrina was your fault!" they said!

The United States needs a functioning bureaucracy. This is not a "European idea", as Mike Huckabee suggested in his RNC speech. America invented the functioning bureaucracy. It serviced us remarkably well for 200 years. Nixon and the Neo-conservatives figured out that they and their friends could make a killing if they privatized the services which our government was supposed to provide us. "Why spend tax money on fire-fighters when we can have private fire-fighters! Don't worry, Dick, if DC goes up in flames, they'll still take care of your house first because you have the most money! The poor? Oh, screw'em! Their homes are all subsidized anyway. If they burn down we'll finally be able to build that condo for your mistress!"

This is what Republicans believe. Is it what you believe, D?


Isn't it remarkable that the party that most aligns itself with the Darwinian theory of "survival of the fittest", is also the party that refuses to accept evolution.


i guess i will try tell you my story and you can take from it what you can. i hesitate to argue policy and points, as this will only result in numerous attacks on me, and i just don't have the energy to fight friends over strong-held beliefs that won't change in you or i. i respect everyone of carter's friends and i feel comfortable amongst everyone. please extend me some respect.
i am a navy brat. i grew up middle class. we never had much, but were comfortable. my mother is an uber-christian, and her old beliefs embodied intolerance at its finest. she has softened.
at 16 i got pregnant. i had the option of an abortion, adoption, or keeping the baby. abortion just wasn't an option for me. i was literally sacred of being beaten by my mother for being pregnant (i covered my head when i told her). but i created that baby, and it was not her fault. i took responsibility for my actions, and i learned a very hard lesson that there are consequences for decisions. i kept the baby and married the daddy (we are still married 17 years later).
i married a navy man as a high school senior and moved miles away where we lived off of my husband's scrawny paycheck. i admit i applied for welfare, but was told we made too much. i had nothing. i slept on the floor. i wore other people's throw away clothes. i worked after high school as a cashier just to be able to buy a crib for my daughter. i honestly did not know if i would have food every day. my husband did not eat breakfast so i would have cereal. i ate lunch at high school just to have one meal a day that was filling. at 17, i learned how to manage a household and budget during the many times my husband went overseas. i got very tired of having nothing and of being cold. so i decided to change my life. and i did.
i went to school. i took out loans. i bettered myself so that my family wouldn't suffer. i never was on welfare. i never had a food stamp. and i got sick to death of people buying steak with food stamps and cigs with their cash while i was buying pampers and formula and food with the $100/month i had for groceries. it doesn't go far.
i went to school year round for 7 years straight, all while raising 2 (and then 3) children. my husband went in and out of the country on military service. he served in the bosnian conflict. i wore about 10 different hats. my family helped and supported me, but i look back and cannot tell you how i got through it. but i did.
so i have no tolerance for people who expect things to be handed to them. there are people in this country that truly need help, yes. and i have volunteered my time and money. but what i meet most is those that feel entitled. they feel the government should bail them out. welfare abuse sickens me. people crying for the government to save them from their poor financial decisions sickens me. people crying for social security to save them because they never prepared for their future sicken me. BUT THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS AND THERE ARE SOME THAT TRULY TRULY DESERVE HELP. i am talking about the abuse and those that simply expect to be 'saved' from their lack of forethought or preparation. is it too much to ask people to raise their children?
so yes, i agree with that idealistic view of economy. my lack of comforts motivated me to better myself. i now earn a very good living. and i deserve every penny. who i give it to and how much should be up to me. i don't think those that earn the most should be forced to give more in taxes. accountability and responsibility go farther than a handout. as a business owner, i believe in reaganomics.
so in a nutshell...military uber christian upbringing meets extreme poverty and a chance to pull myself up by the bootstraps = base of my conservative beliefs. now there are other points of the platform i am in 100% agreement with, and some that i have a more progressive stance on.
please don't attack me on this. you asked and i am telling you. i am tired and may not have voiced it well, but i hope you get the idea. i was not born with a silver spoon. i have probably been through more shit than a lot of people reading this. that doesn't make me superior or inferior, its just me.
please be nice.


Ok, so now lets talk about you. Understand first that I am not attacking you. I am trying to enlighten us both, and spark some important discussion.

You seem to acquaint you belief in conservativism with having Christian and military parents. I don't know how people fall for this line. There is nothing Christian about conservativism. The philosophies of liberalism much more closely resemble those of Jesus. Jesus was a radical who was arrested and ultimately executed for rejecting materialism and exploitation. He disrupted a market because they were working on the Sabbath. Worshipping on the Sabbath is the ancient world's version of the Labour movement's 40 hour work week.

As for your military background, I should point out that the military is not supposed to be political. The President is Commander-in-Chief regardless of the reigning political party. However, I do believe the majority of -retired- generals who have spoken out have endorsed Barack Obama in 2008 because they feel the Bush Administration has debased the military.

Regarding your experience as a teenage mother: I don't understand how this could translate into a steadfast belief in Republicanism. I gather that you are pro-life. Fine. But as has already been stated, Roe v. Wade is a political tool and neither party has any intention of reversing it. Let me explain:

The Republicans are chiefly concerned with Corporate interests and the interests of individuals who earn over $500,000- what John McCain refers to as "middle-class", and what W. Bush called "his base". Now, you might be surprised to learn that most people do not earn that much as this is less than 1% of the population. I congratulate you if you are among this esteemed group of people. Now obviously, you are in rare company. You probably live next to people who earn as much if not more than you, so you might be surprised to learn that most of us are struggling with less than $40,000 incomes.

But, here's the rub: You can't win elections by appealing to 2% of the population. Not only is it too small a fraction of our population, but CEOs aren't going to work your phone banks or canvas door-to-door. So what do you do? Well, here's what you do if you are the GOP: you tie yourself to mobilized Christians by appealing to issues dear to them... the pro-life movement, gay marriage, stem cells.

What do any of these things have to do with the GOP, fiscal conservativism, or small federal government? Nothing! In fact, they are the exact opposite of what the GOP stands for. See, the GOP wants to REDUCE government's role in our lives. Supporting the pro-life movement is BIG government, not little government. Ideologically, the Democrats should technically be the pro-life party. But the GOP needs an angle. And in order to secure their power and cut taxes to that richest 1%, they need the Christians to do the voting. SO THEY ARE LYING TO YOU TO GET YOUR VOTE!

(continued below)


Now... Taxes... Look, you obviously have no idea what the government does, or is supposed to do, or what the government HAS done for you. Do you know that road that you drive every day on your way to your high paying job? Where did that road come from? Did Exxon build that road? No. Maybe it was Disney? Nope, wrong again. See, the taxes you and your parents and their parents paid were what built that road. And that road needs to be sustained. And that takes more taxes. Taxes are what allowed you to get your degree because they build the University you attended. Taxes are what paid for your primary education. Taxes are what makes sure there's a police officer to save you from dangerous people. Dangerous people are what you see on the street when taxes are not spent on keeping them off the street.

Now, if you earn over 500,000 a year, maybe you can afford to live in a walled community, with private security, private roads and private schools. But, do you really want to exist in a bubble the rest of your life? Where will your child go? What will your child do?

Who will you complain to when the bridge your child crosses on her way to work suddenly collapses due to lack of maintenance... because selfish people like you don't want to pay taxes?

I'm not saying there isn't fat in the American bureaucracy that can be trimmed. Certainly there is tons of waste. But most of that waste comes from... guess who... THE REPUBLICANS! Like the former Head of FEMA, the Republicans like to put inexperienced and incapable people in charge of government organizations because they actually WANT the government to fail you. See, they want to privatize everything! And why is it that they want to privatize everything? Because they have all the money and all the influence to start all the private businesses that will meet the needs provided when government services are cut, and then they can horde all the money that was formerly in the public sector. Public money can be monitored for oversight. Private money can be hidden, abused.

When it comes to nation building, private sector is no substitute for public sector. Believe me, urban planners have your best interest in mind when they develop new roads and bridges. They build for the long term. Private planners, on the other hand, are trying to maximize their profits by cutting as much development costs as possible.

This is the world. Wake up.


i appreciate your efforts, but that's just not how i see the world. and any further attempt at discussion would result in arguing points. lets not waste more of this space with back and forth. again, i truly appreciate your efforts, and in an attempt to keep everything friendly and lighthearted, i am hoping carter will post another story about some random doc that shits her pants at work.


How do you see the world?


i see the world as a place that once one has compared their political party to jesus, it is time to smile, nod, pour a glass of wine, and end the conversation. ;-)

**Radio Edit**

Okay, guys - Agreed about the wine, thread is closed. Inflammatory comments will be deleted... in fact, one just was!
I thought only gay men compared themselves to animals (i.e. bears, pigs). The pit bull seems to want in on the animal association.
Backwards Hat

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